Violence: A Modern Epidemic


– by Bandy Lee, M.D., Yale Medical School


Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, @2:20 pm – 3:10 pm    





Dr. Lee will speak about her concern in integrating science, practice, and policy in violence and health promotion. This entails her own scholarship on violence, working in prisons, with Yale’s Violence and Health group, and as co-editor of two volumes entitled Violent States and Creative States. Dr. Lee will discuss the structural nature of violence and the spiritual nature of its remedy, creativity.


Learning Points:

At the end of this educational activity, its participants will be able to:

1) analyze the relationships between violence and health;

2) discuss how violence has become epidemic in the United States;

3) discuss the tendencies to violence among prisoners;

4) discuss and apply therapeutic measures when treating incarcerated violent offenders.



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Bio of the Presenter:

Bandy Lee, M.D., MDiv is an internationally recognized expert on violence.  Trained in medicine and psychiatry at Yale and Harvard Universities, and in medical anthropology as a fellow of the National Institute of Mental Health, she is currently on the faculty of Yale School of Medicine’s Law and Psychiatry Division.  Dr. Lee served as Director of Research for the Center for the Study of Violence (Harvard, U. Penn., N.Y.U., and Yale), co-founded Yale’s Violence and Health Study Group (MacMillan Center for International Studies), and leads a project group for the WHO's Violence Prevention Alliance. She also played a key role in initiating reforms at Rikers Island, New York City’s correctional facility known for extreme levels of violence. 


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