Support Our Cause: Support Mental Health Education

Dear Members of the Psychoanalytic Community,

Please join us in our Cause "Support Mental Health Education"! As we see it, widespread Mental Health education will reduce and prevent mental illness, and will help all of us to understand the people who suffer from these conditions.

Mental Health education is the most unsupported and underfunded sphere of human health education throughout
primary K-12 and higher education curriculums. The Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy and
Psychoanalysis (ORI) provides and promotes education for Mental Health professionals and the general public.
Your support and donations will benefit our Scholarship Fund, so that more mental health professionals could
afford education and professional development!


In today’s culture of evidence-based practice, we rely heavily on basic research, and as per recent scientific claims,
it is more rewarding to give than to receive (

Please, support our cause and recruit your friends and colleagues who care about education of all mental health professionals, as well as psychoeducation for ALL!

In this light, If you choose to support our Cause financially, donations go to OBJECT RELATIONS INSTITUTE TRAINING
, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. You can choose what the funds you’ve contributed would be spent on, as well as
request a report about who exactly benefitted from your tax-deductible contribution. Any contribution to this Cause
will be greatly appreciated. Your contribution of

  • $50 will support one student to attend any full-day workshop,

  • $65 will support one student to attend the Annual Conference,

  • $85 will support one mental health practitioner for a full-day workshop,

  • $120 will support one mental health practitioner to attend the Annual Conference (next one is on February 26th, 2011),

  • $$450 will support one person who is interested in attending one 10-week training course/seminar,

  • $1000 will offer you a status of a Patron of our Cause;

  • $2500 – status of a Benefactor of our Cause; and

  • $5000 and above – status of a Visionary for our Cause.

You also can contribute by attending our events, volunteering at our events, supporting another person in their wish to
receive training, or by donating the items for the Silent Auction of our Cause (e.g., donating your professional services,
timeshare weeks, books, paintings, and other artifacts, which will be sold at the Silent Auction, after which you would
receive a tax-deductible receipt for the amount of sale).

To support this cause, please do not hesitate to write to or call 646-522-0387/ 646-522-1056, to discuss the ways you can contribute to this Cause.

Join ORI in the joy of giving, and help us make a difference!
Wishing you peace, well-being, and prosperity!

Inna Rozentsvit, M.D., PhD, MBA, ORI Administrator & Community Relations Coordinator

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