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  • Maksim Grinman, LMSW

Administrator, Registrar, Web Editor, & Community Relations Coordinator

Administrator/Assistant & Program Developer/ Coordinator

  • Elena Zelenina

ORI Academic Press

  • Editor-in-Chief: Inna Rozentsvit, M.D., PhD, MBA, MEd
  • Copy Editor: Robert Schulte, MA
  • Book Reviewers: Jeffrey Lewis, PhD; Jeffrey Martin
  • Editor: Alina Feyder, PsyD
  • Assistant Editor: Alina Grinman, PsyD, Rhoda Karp
  • Graphics & Video: Vasil Antonov and Maksim Grinman
  • Photo Editor: Victoria Grinman, PhD, LCSW (follow her at www.grinmoments.com)