Jeffrey Seinfeld, PhD, LCSW

(August 16, 1947 – January 25, 2011)

Professor of Social Work, NYU Silver School of Social Work; Scientific Faculty member, Object Relations Institute for
Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

BA City College of NY; MSW Hunter College; PhD New York University

Bio: Dr. Jeffrey Seinfeld, professor of social work, joined the faculty at NYU in 1987. He served as chairperson of the
Human Behavior and Social Environment area from 1998 to 2001. Dr. Seinfeld’s professional areas of interest include
Object Relations Theory, Social Philosophy, and Existential Philosophy. He has received national recognition for his
contribution to Object Relations Theory and Practice, and in 1997, was awarded the New York University Distinguished
Teachers Medal. At the School of Social Work, he has taught classes in Human Behavior and the Social Environment,
and Practice, at the MSW and PhD levels.

Prior to joining NYU, Dr. Seinfeld was a clinical social worker and Clinical Supervisor at the Jewish Board of Family and
Children’s Services (Bronx Office) from 1976 to 1987. He was also chairperson and a member of the Domestic Violence
Task Force, and conducted seminars in in-service training programs on child therapy, depression, and the multi-problem
family. His work included clinical practice and supervision in all modalities of child and adult treatment with a socially
disadvantaged and diverse client population. He is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the Clinical
Social Work Society, and the Council on Social Work Education.


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  • New York University Distinguished Teacher Award 1996
  • New York University School of Social Work Great Teacher Award 1995

Videos of the ORI conferences where Dr. Jeff Seinfeld presented or was planning to present: