The Analyst as Instrument: Getting Inside the Skin of Your Patient

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 - 10am to 4:30 pm (Registration @ 9:30am)
Workshop Leader: Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler
Where: 115 East 9th Street, 12P (@ 3rd Ave.), New York, NY, 10003
Fees (payable to ORI): Pre-registration $75 regular/ $40 students; at the door $85/ $50 respectively.

To register, please email call 646-522-0387/ fax 718-785-3270, and send your
check or money order to: ORI Administrator; 75-15 187 Street, Fresh Meadows, NY, 11366-1725.

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RSVP is required (via email, phone, fax above), although payment can be maid at the door.

How does it feel to speak from within the imagined psyche and skin of one of your patients, perhaps the one you
are having the most difficulty with at the moment?  In this improvisational workshop, with the workshop leader
Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler playing the psychoanalyst-psychotherapist, each participant that volunteers to play
the part of their patient in a role-play will have a whole new vantage point on experiencing their patient, from
the inside out.  This vantage point will become a heightened realization through the experience of sharing it
with the workshop group and the leader.  In the course of discussing the role-play experience with the group,
workshop participants will discover the profound experience of being in the psyche and skin of their patient.
Dr. Kavaler-Adler will explain the developmental, psychic structure, internal world, and intrapsychic issues of
the patient that emerged through the role-play and through the therapist’s processing of her own experience
in the workshop.            

Both, those who volunteer to role-play their patients, and those who observe them in the group will have a
whole new level of awareness of how to articulate and meditate on the internal experience of the patient,
even when the patient may be filtering that internal experience through an externalized viewpoint. 
Countertransference vulnerabilities and insights will be discussed as well, in order to aid in the powerful, in
the moment, transitional object experience with the patient (D.W. Winnicott).  Also to be discussed and
experienced is the therapist’s capacity to go beyond being a holding environment (D. W. Winnicott) to being
a psychic container (W. Bion), i.e., one who actively processes all the sensory, affective, and cognitive levels
of impact from patients to help the navigate the journey from the concrete and protosymbolic to the symbolic
and intersubjective realms of psychic awareness.  Psychic dialectics of all kinds can be engaged in within this
type of “in vivo” workshop!

Bio:  Susan Kavaler-Adler, Ph.D., ABPP, D.Litt is a psychologist and psychoanalyst who has been in practice
for 35 years.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy
and Psychoanalysis.  Dr. Kavaler-Adler is also a prolific author in the field, who has published three books and
58 articles (journal articles and edited book chapters) in the field.  Her 2003 Routledge book, Mourning,
Spirituality and Psychic Change: A New Object Relations View of Psychoanalysis
won the National Gradiva
Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP).

Dr. Kavaler-Adler has also won 10 other awards for her writing in the field of object relations and psychoanalysis,
and in the realm of female artists and writers.  She had four Arlene Wohlberg awards from the Postgraduate
Center for Mental Health for “the psychoanalytic paper of the year,” two of which related to her work on erotic
transference in female analysts with both male and female patients, a theme which is also very much alive in her
in-depth cases in Mourning, Spirituality and Psychic ChangeFor more information see her website,  Dr. Kavaler-Adler is known for her workshops on Melanie Klein, Klein-Winnicott dialectic,
“demon-lover complex,” fear of success, envy and fear of envy, erotic transference, developmental mourning,
mourning and grief in individual and group work, self sabotage, time as an object, creative process and its
blocks, etc.  



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