Child's Play & Emotional Heath of Children and Adolescents

Individual Course & a part of the 3rd Year of Full Training in Object Relations Psychoanalysis,

also a part of the Child-Parent Development Program @ ORI - 11 hrs of post-graduate education credit

Instructor: Charles Bonerbo, LCSW

Location: 19 W 34th street at the Sociometric Institute, Penthouse suite, NYC, 10001 OR Virtual participation

Dates & Time: March 27th through May 8th, 2013; 7 weeks; 10:15. to 11:55 am

This program will focus on children's and adolescents' play as an essential ingredient of healthy emotional development and integrated personality and whole relatedness.

Each week we will focus on a child's phase-specific development and highlight, discuss and explore the specific ”play tasks” that is relevant for that phase.

Participants will have a greater understanding of the essential elements of play and how it directly effects a child's and adolescent's emotional development. Also, the notion of spontaneous gesture will be explored and understood as a goal of emotional development.

Other topics to be explored will include:

·         Precociousness and it's vicissitudes;

·         Traumatic Experience, Cumulative Trauma, and Pre-mature exposure as it pertains to the overwhelm of the ego and the subsequent foreclosure of symbolism;

·         Concreteness and lack of spontaneity...(Anxious and Autistic States), and others.

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       Course Outline:

Week 0ne: Of blankets and teddy bears...the infants need for play. Peek a Boo, Hide and Seek. Attachment and cognitive development.

Week Two: Latency: Sublimating the impulses... Toy soldiers and Doll houses...”I'll be the Mommy and You'll be the Daddy”.

Week Three: Pre-teen...and “Tween-agers.”  Gender identity formation. Of Princes and Princesses, Cowboys and Indians..., Barbie and Ken...

Week Four: Early to middle adolescents: “Not that anymore...That is for babies!”... The deepening of symbol and metaphor; Star Wars, Harry Potter and the adolescent journey...

Later adolescents: First loves, Losses and longings...Twilight saga, Sports, Heroes and Heroines...Competitive play... Mind-body integration.

Week Five: Special areas of concern... The effects of trauma and cumulative trauma and the foreclosing f symbolic play. 

Week Six: Discussion of D.W. Winnicott and his ideas on the necessity of play and spontaneous gestures in infant development.

Week Seven: Continuation of discussion and examples of  play and spontaneous gestures.

Week Eight:  When make believe goes awry!. Pathology and the blurring of boundaries between playing and reality.  Examples from adolescent stories and movies.

Week Nine: Concreteness and lack of spontaneity... Anxious and autistic states. Reading and discussion of the work of Francis Tustin.

Week Ten: Open discussion and review.

Please note that this course outline was developed for the 10-week course (1hr 15 min per class), but in 2013, it will be offered through the span of 8 weeks, 1hr 35 min/ class.

Bio of the instructor:

Charles Bonerbo, LCSW is in private practice with individuals, couples, and families. He is a Chair of the Training Committee at Object Relations Institute (ORI); a training supervisor and a consultant at Metropolitan Center for Mental Health (MCMH) and Metropolitan Institute for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (MIPP); and an instructor and supervisor of Chinese American Psychoanalytic Alliance (CAPA), as well as a Board member at CAPA. In 2011, Charles was providing teaching and clinical supervision in Kazakhstan (former USSR) and in China.

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