The Nature and Use of Meaningful Coincidences (Synchronicities) While Working with Patients in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Full-Day Workshop on Saturday, 
October 1st, 2011 (10am - 4pm) 

Workshop Leader: 
Gibbs Williams, PhD 

Address:  41 Fifth Avenue, # 11A; NY, NY, 10003
 Pre-registration: $75 regular/ $40 students/ retired. At the door: $85 regular/ $50 students/retired. Please RSVP - Limited Seating!

A rising number of analysts are reporting an increasing frequency of coincidence prone patients in their practice. These seemingly inexplicable phenomena are often experienced with awe and a sense they may contain a coded message from some mysterious transcendent spiritual source. This workshop will describe various alternatives in explaining their nature and use in the clinical setting. Jung's theory, which has been the nearly unchallenged authority in this field for the past fifty four years, will be critically evaluated.

Those who attend this workshop can expect to:

     •     Explore perplexing issues associated with patients reporting synchronicities including: the meaning of meaning, how meaning is generated, and the role of spirituality, the occult, philosophy, the uncanny, chance, luck, karma, serendipity, creativity, and consciousness.
     •     Identify challenging issues in working with synchronicity prone patients.
     •     Exploring alternative theories including Jungian, Object Relations, Self and Freudian
     •     Focus on the role of resistance, transference, and the unconscious (collective and personal) in working with synchronicity prone patients
     •     Assess therapeutic progress or lack of it over time.
     •     Learn about decoding both your own and your patient's synchronicities.

Psychoanalyst Gibbs Williams Ph.D. has been researching these fascinating events for 50 years, and will draw from speculative philosophy, depth psychology, esoteric occult and spiritual traditions to explore the profound relevance synchronistic events have on our patient's lives; and the revolutionary impact a serious study of so called a-causal phenomena could have on our scientific understanding. Gibbs is the author of: Demystifying Meaningful Coincidences (Synchronicities): The Evolving Self, The Personal Unconscious, and The Creative Process.
To maximize your experience of this workshop, you are invited to start a personal journal. Refer to Gibbs' article on keeping a personal journal on his website: Date each entry. Make sure you detail any of the meaningful coincidences you have between now and the workshop. Additionally describe any meaningful coincidences you might remember and bring them with you. Lastly identify those issues preoccupying you at the time of your recorded synchronicities.

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