Introduction to Melanie Klein: Her Work and Writings

Instructor: Charles Bonerbo, LCSW

1st Trimester of Year 2 of the Two-Year Certificate Program in Object Relations Clinical theory and Technique;

1st Trimester of Year Two of the Full Training in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

(This course can be taken also as a separate certificate course, with or without the Group Supervision class)

October 4 - December 13, 2012, Thursdays, 8:15-9:30pm.

Course Calendar: October 4 (no class - due to the Instructor's conference participation), 11; 18; 25; November 1; 8; 15; (no class 11/22 - Thanksgiving); 29; December 6; 13, 2012. 

Location: TBA or Virtual participation – via audio/video or audio only (New!).

Post-graduate psychoanalytic education credits offered: 12.5hrs.

This course serves as an introduction to the major psychoanalytic concepts of Melanie Klein. The class will examine the history and subsequent development of core clinical concepts of Kleinian theories and explore their relevance and applications to treatment. 

Depressive and Paranoid-Schizoid Positions, “Phantasy”, “Manic Defenses,” Envy and Gratitude, and Projective Identification will be studied and discussed.

Clinical examples will be offered. Candidates are also requested to provide their own clinical examples. 

Required Texts: 

Likierman, M. (2001). Melanie Klein: Her Work in Context. Continuum, London & NY.

Ogden, T. (1986). The Matrix of the Mind. Jason Aronson, NY. 

Supplemental Texts: 

Hinshelwood, R.D. (1994). Clinical Klein. Basic Books, London.

Grosskurth, P. (1986).  Melanie Klein, Her World and Work. Harvard University Press, Boston.

Segal, H. (1964). Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein. Basis Books; New York.

Mitchell, J. (Ed.) (1986). Selected Melanie Klein. Hogarth Press, McMillian Publishing, NY.

Class Syllabus (This is flexible. Depending on the interest and focus the class would like to take, the instructor can provide extra and further material for reading.)

Week 1: Introductions and overview

Readings: Matrix of the Mind, Ogden: chapters 1 – 2 , (The psychoanalytic Dialogue, Instinct, Phantasy, and Psychological Deep Structure in the Work of Melanie Klein).

Week2: Freud and Ferenczi's influence.

Reading: Melanie Klein: Her Work in Context, Likierman, Chapters 1-2.

Week 3: Early Influences

Reading Likierman, Chapters 5-6.

Week 4: Early Theoretical Conceptualizations

Reading: Likierman, Chapter 7-8.

Week 5: Klein's concept of Phantasy

Reading: Likierman, Chapters 8-9.

Week 6: Clinical Concepts

Reading: Ogden, Chapters 3-4.

Week 7: Clinical concepts, continued

Ogden, Chapter 5

Hinshelwood, Chapter 5-6.

Week 8: Paranoid-Schizoid positions- Projective Identification

Hinshelwood, Chapters 7-8.

Likierman, Chapter 11.

Week 9: Envy

Reading, Chapter 4, Introduction to the Work of Melanie Klein, by Segal

Likierman, Chapter 12

Week 10: Gratitude and Reparation

Chapter 8, Segal.

Klein in the Selected Melanie Klein, Mitchell: Chapter 10.

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