Elective Course for the One-Year and Two-Year Programs; Mandatory Course for the Full Training Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

(can be also taken as an individual post-graduate certificate course; no pre-requisites)

Course Instructor: Stefanie Teitelbaum, LCSW-R, NCPsyA

July 11; 18; 25; August 1; 15 (9:30 am - 12:15 pm, with 15 min break included)

Tuition: $450 (can be paid in 2 installments, upon request). Registration: $25/course (waived for candidates in training) - can be paid by CC via PayPal - follow the link: PayPal.Me/ORINYC . Additional registration fee ($25) for non-candidates.

Location: via Virtual participation only, due to current recommendations of CDC and local government (re: COVID-19). Virtual participation is conducted via audio/video or audio mode only (with minimal technical requirements).

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“The central thesis is that the three models of the mind, the neurophysiological one of Freud, the quasi-theological one of Melanie Klein and the epistemological one of Bion, can be superimposed upon one another to form a continuous line of development. This line develops an apparatus for mental life which embraces meaning and emotion within the framework of a structural concept of the mental apparatus, allowing for a limitless area of discourse concerning an infinitely variable non-causal system with a capability for growth beyond the scope of Darwinian evolutionary modes.”  (Meltzer, D. 1981)

Donald Meltzer was an American analyzed by Melanie Klein and a member of the Kleinian track of the British Psychoanalytic Society.  The above statement presents Meltzer’s unique viewpoint of the psychoanalytic lineage from Freud, Klein to Bion.  In his own vision, Meltzer stays true to Freud's, KIein's, and Bion’s language while amplifying revising and creating new concepts. The Claustrum, beyond clinical claustrophobia, explores the detailed mapping of inner/outer geographic compartment locations of the inner mother and the mental apparatus. His last works, gathered in The Apprehension of Beauty, elaborate his thoughts on aesthetics in psychoanalytic discourse.


After this course participants will be able to:

  1. Analyze the location of psychical experience within the geographic dimension of the Mental Apparatus

  2. Analyze the location of psychical experience within the geographic dimension of The Compartments of The Internal Mother

  3. Compare the concept The Compartments of the Internal Mother with Psycho-sexual development levels.

  4. Compare the Emergence from the Claustrum with a Shift of Consciousness

  5. Utilize Technical Problems of the Claustrum in Clinical Practice

  6. Utilize the Concept of Intrusive Identification in Clinical Practice

  7. Utilize the Concept of “Gathering the Transference” in Clinical Practice

  8. Analyze the Role of the Claustrum in the Onset of Psychosis

  9. Analyze the Role of Geographic Confusion in Psychosis

  10. Utilize the Role of the Claustrum in Clinical Practice with Perversions and Addictions.

  11. Compare the Function of Vulgarity in the Claustrum and in Aesthetic Reciprocity.

  12. Compare the Function of Violence the Claustrum and in Aesthetic Reciprocity.

  13. Compare the Impact of Aesthetics in Art and in Clinical Practice


Bio of the course instructor: Stefanie Teitelbaum, LCSW, NPsyA, B. Music - is the Supervisor, Training Analyst, Faculty of NPAP and IEA; Dean of Students, IEA; Instructor/Faculty, Training Analyst, Training Supervisor, ORI. She is the former staff psychotherapist at the Lower East Side Service Center’s Drug-Free Outpatient Program. Stefanie Teitelbaum is in private psychoanalytic practice in New York City. Contact info: 212 255-3284; 917 279-3414; stef.teitelbaum@gmail.com. For full Bio of the Instructor, please follow the link HERE.

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More about Donald Meltzer: click HERE




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