Bipolar and other Mood Disorders:
Advances in Biochemical, Genetic, Neuroscience, and Object Relations Dimensions

Workshop Presenters: Jeffrey Seinfeld, Ph.D. & Michael Gropper, DSW
When: December 5th 2010 (Sunday); 10AM 4PM (Registration @9:30AM)
Where: 305 Seventh Ave (corner of 27th street), 11th Floor, NY, NY, 10001

For more information, please call 646-522-0387; email to admin@ORINYC.org; fax 718-785-3270.

This workshop will describe the most recent advances in our understanding of bipolar and other mood disorders
in clinical work both in the United States and Israel. Bipolar conditions were among the very first to be understood
from an object relations perspective and provided much of the other clinical data that formed the basis of the theory.

Workshop leaders will explore the latest important advances in the biochemical, genetic and neuroscience research,
and how they relate to Object Relations theory.

Bio: Jeffrey Seinfeld, MSW, PhD is a Professor at The Silver School of Social Work, NYU; Author of The Bad Object;
The Empty Core
; Containing Terror, Rage & Despair: An Object Relations Approach to Psychotherapy;
& Holding: The Paternal and Maternal Functions of the Psychotherapist
; A Primer on the Negative Therapeutic
, and other books and articles. He is a Scientific Faculty member of the Object Relations Institute.

Bio: Michael Gropper, DSW is a Psychotherapist for Adults and Children, Marital Therapist, and Addictions Specialist.
Dr. Gropper has taught at major universities and medical schools both in Israel and the United States, as well as he
has held faculty positions at the Bar Ilan University School of Social Work, Haifa University School of Social Work,
the Technion University School of Community Medicine in Israel, and other. Dr. Gropper has conducted research in
the fields of family practice medicine and social work, and published many articles and chapters to books. He is a
member of the editorial board of Social Work in Mental Health Care Journal, and is currently writing a book on
therapeutic aspects of manic-depressive disorder.

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Projective Identification (part 2)

Time as an Object (part 3)

Self Sabotage - (part 4)

        Fear of Success (part 5)

        Mourning, Developmental vs. Pathological  (part 6)

        Bad Objects and Loyalty to Bad Objects (part 7)

        Demon-lover Complex  (part 8)

        Psychic Regret (part 9)

        Klein-Winnicott Dialectic  (part 10)

        Depression: The Object Relations View (part 11)

        Anxiety: The Object Relations View (part 12)

        Eating Disorders: The Object Relations View (part 13)

        Narcissism: The Object Relations View (part 14)

        Female Creativity and the Internal Father (part 15)

        Psychic Dialectic: The Object Relations View (part 16)

        Writing Blocks: The Object Relations View (part 17)

        Internal Editor and Internal Saboteur: The Object Relations View (part 18)

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