Panel discussion on projective identification (Melanie Klein Trust):

A recording of a Klein Studies evening organized by the Melanie Klein Trust at which panel members John Steiner, Elizabeth Spillius, Edna O’Shaughnessy and Ignes Sodre discussed the concept of projective identification with contributions from the audience. The event took place on 12 June 2012 at the Institute of Psychoanalysis, London. (Download the transcript of this audio conference HERE.)

Short video on projective identification offered by Dr. Susan Kavaler-Adler on ORI’s YouTube channel:

Listen to Donald Meltzer ( talk about one of Klein’s most famous and complex concepts: projective identification. Meltzer explored her idea through his own formulation of the ‘claustrum,’ a psychical state that he describes in this presentation given in 1990. It was part of the former annual public lectures at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy:

Download a transcript of the full presentation

For information about inter-related clinical phenomenon of COUNTERTRANSFERENCE (as a clinical tool rather than impedance), please follow the LINK HERE.