Jeffrey B. Rubin, Ph.D

Jeffrey B. Rubin, Ph.D. practices psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy in New York City and North Salem, NY. He teaches at    The Object Relations Institute of NY, The American Institute of Psychoanalysis, and the C. G. Jung Institute of NY. The author of six books (A Psychoanalysis for Our Time; The Good Life, Psychotherapy and Buddhism, The Art of Flourishing, Meditative Psychotherapy, and Practicing Meditative Psychotherapy), he has taught at various psychoanalytic institutes and meditation and yoga centers and lectured around the country and abroad on psychoanalysis and psychoanalysis and Buddhism/meditation. Jeffrey is most interested in a pluralistic psychoanalysis that respects the genuine insights and practices from each analytic tradition and draws on the best that has been thought and said from all psychoanalytic schools as well as history, art, literature, anthropology and anything that illuminates the human condition. His pioneering approach to therapy was featured in the New York Times Magazine: His can be contacted at or .